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Let's begin the journey toward purpose. Why? Because purpose brings peace. 


When we are born, we are immediately assigned a set of traits and characteristics (your grandfather's nose, your aunt's temper, etc.). We don't get to decide who we are...others decide for us. This process may continue throughout our childhood and even into adulthood. If you are asking yourself, "but when do I get to decide?" the answer is now.


Pillars of Purpose will give you the tools to ask yourself the most important questions of your life. Who am I--really? Whose life am I living? What do I value? What do I WANT for my life?

It's time to give yourself the permission to both ask and answer those questions, in the safety of a private and supportive experience.

It’s Time To Discover Why You are Really Here

With a curated course, workbook, and group support, you've found a safe place to explore your deepest desires and greatest dreams for your life.


You are meant to live with meaning, joy, and peace.


Discovering your purpose can bring all of those qualities into your life each and every day.




You are here because you want to live a more purposeful life. The first thing I want you to know is that you deserve to live with greater purpose. How do I know? Because I've been on a journey of discovery myself. I was a teacher, and when you are a teacher, you look to books for your answers. I thought that if I read the right books, I'd learn my purpose. Although I love books and they do provide a lot of answers to life's questions, I learned that my purpose was not to be found outside of myself--it was something I could only discover by listening to my inner teacher.

 In my first career as a psychology professor, I learned that for people at the end of life, purpose matters. Did my life count? To whom? For what? And how? The more time I spent with these questions and with my coaching clients, the more I knew I wanted to create an experience to make the journey for others clearer and easier than it often was for me.

 In this course, I've brought together the best of human development research and life coaching strategies to help make your path toward purpose clear. I've designed a path that will guide you toward your purpose by first connecting with yourself, then visioning your future and grounding that vision in the three pillars of purpose. Finally, you'll create a mission statement and a series of action steps to help you make your purpose-driven vision a reality. 


Learn about the three Pillars of Purpose and practice mindfulness techniques to help you connect more deeply with yourself. You'll also be introduced to your inner critic and how to understand it when makes itself known.


Begin to envision a life shaped by each of the three pillars. How will you connect, create, and contribute in your own life? Create a visual representation of your ideas with an inspiration board.


Ground your ideas into the three pillars with a special visioning exercise. Reshape your inspiration board into a purpose board by letting go of anything that isn't grounded in your three pillars.


Begin to take action to bring your purpose board to life. Create a personal mission statement and goal statements to help you create your new reality. You'll also learn how to cope with any challenges or resistance to your new path that may arise.


You won't take any of these steps alone. You'll be supported and encouraged every step of the way in our private community. This community support will allow you to feel seen, heard, and known by a group of like-minded peers.


If you would like more individualized support, 1:1 coaching sessions are available as an upgrade to the course. I'll personally guide you toward the realization of your purpose-driven vision for your life.

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 I'll personally guide you through each of the four modules described above. In each module you'll receive:

  • A video introduction and overview of the module.
  • Curated exercises to guide you through your journey toward discovering your purpose.
  • Custom-designed workbook pages to illustrate each step of your journey.
  • Journaling pages to give you a safe place to express your thoughts and ideas.
  • A private community of like-minded peers where you can feel safe, encouraged, and supported. 

We all need support to be successful, so in Pillars of Purpose you'll have experiences tailored just for you. This is a safe place where everyone is working on their own journey toward greater presence, meaning, and a sense of purpose.


Like most people, I am a lot of things in life. I'm a mom of three, a wife, a teacher, a coach, a volunteer, a sister, a daughter, and a friend. 

But also like most people, I am more than the roles I play in life. I'm intuitive, a great listener, and intensely curious. I love reading and I'm a lifelong learner. I crave rest and activity in equal amounts, so you'll find me in the gym and then on the couch watching Netflix ;). I constantly seek peace and quiet so I live in the country with dogs, cats, and chickens. Sometimes you'll find me at a crowded concert or play, but it's guaranteed I'll be spending some time alone the next day! I have many interests, which used to make me feel that I lacked focus. Now I know that a variety of interests and experiences is what make me feel most alive. I've always been described as "sensitive," which used to feel like a flaw, but now I know that it's my superpower as a coach. 

My purpose is to help you know and trust yourself the way that I've learned to for myself. My mission is to help you discover the things that make you YOU, and help you bring those gifts forth with a sense of meaning and purpose in your own life. At the end of your time here on Earth, my deepest desire is for you to know why you were here, what you were meant to do, and to know the full satisfaction of a life well-lived.




It is if:

  • You are hungry for more meaning and you know there's more to your life than what you've experienced up until now.
  • You've had flashes of inspiration about things you want to do, be, or accomplish but aren't sure what to do next.
  • You know that there is a deeper purpose for your life, but you aren't sure how to find or figure out what that is.

Don't wait any longer.



Choose the course on it's own, or choose the course + coaching for more personalized attention:






  • Immediate access to all 4 modules
  • Custom 40-page workbook with journaling pages 
  • Membership in the private Pillars of Purpose community
  • The ability to work at your own pace with community support



Individual Support

  • Immediate access to all 4 modules
  • Custom 40-page workbook with journaling pages 
  • Membership in the private Pillars of Purpose community
  • Four personalized 1:1 coaching sessions

My Promise to You

  • I will guide you through each step of a process that I've developed through years of experience as a life coach and developmental psychologist.
  • If you commit to active engagement in the course, at the end of our time together, you will know why the Pillars of Purpose matter to you and how to honor them in your own life.
  • You will leave the course with a vision for the next stages of your life, a commitment to the Pillars of Purpose, and a clear mission statement outlining your next steps.


If you aren’t completely satisfied with the Pillars of Purpose course, let me know within the first 7 days for a full refund. No questions asked.