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Your life is talking to you—are you listening?

It’s reminding you that you have a purpose; a purpose that goes beyond project deadlines and soccer practice and laundry. Our daily lives matter, but those experiences count most when they serve our deeper values and connections. If you are so busy running and doing that you don't have time to think about those things, then maybe it's time to pause--to give yourself a chance to discover them.

We are given one life—one chance to connect to the world around us, to the people we love, and to ourselves. How will your life be spent? In the passive enactment of old patterns and habits, or in the joyful, abundant expression of your unique gifts?

Work with me and find out what your life wants to say to you. Let's begin today to write (or re-write!) your life's story.



Welcome to Conscious Connections! I'm so glad you're here and I look forward to learning more about your journey and helping you find new pathways toward more conscious relationships with yourself and with those close to you.

My path to coaching was borne out of my own journey as a professor, a woman, and a mother. I spent 20 years as a developmental psychologist, and while I loved teaching, I found the moments that really lit me on fire were the ones in which I could partner with a student one-on-one and help them find a solution to a problem they were having. At the same time, I started my own family, and experienced a transition into motherhood that was often stressful and overwhelming. While I found support among a few close friends, I didn't find tools and strategies that would help me feel confident as a mom and secure in the decisions I was making. Over time, I began to recognize that the real solutions lay in discovering myself as a person and as a parent.

That journey, in turn, led me to iPEC and Core Energy CoachingTM. Core energy coaching helps you understand how you are "showing up" in your life and in your relationships, and will help you discover new ways to express your true self--the one underneath all the messages you got about who you were "supposed" to be. This method of coaching allows clients to discover their real strengths and to create a vision for their lives that allows them to express their most important values.

My mission is to use Core Energy CoachingTM to assist women and parents who want to show up in a more conscious way with both themselves and their families. I can help you discover who you really are underneath your roles as a person and as a parent and help you create a life that reflects that sense of identity in new and innovative ways. Coaching clients find that they can very quickly begin to approach routines and relationships differently. Furthermore, they are able to set goals that are connected to their deepest sense of passion and purpose at the same time. At Conscious Connections, we can work together to help you see yourself with more honesty and empathy than you ever have before, and you will begin to create closer connections with those you love most. Nothing matters more.



Lead, Connect, and Serve with Passion and Purpose

As women, we play a lot of roles. Caregiver, employee, manager, chauffeur, tutor, housekeeper, nurse, and many more. We are also often trying to live up to expectations that have been handed to us from the outside world. How do we know? Ask yourself the following:

  • Do you usually spend so much time doing what others expect that you have no time left for yourself?

  • How often do you feel inadequate—that in some way you are always falling short of expectations, no matter how hard you try?

  • Are you up at night worrying about tasks you haven’t completed and/or ways that you’ve failed the people close to you?

  • Have you given up hobbies, exercise, or healthy eating because there just doesn’t seem to be enough time for them?

  • Have you set aside dreams or goals that you once had because they just seem unattainable now?

If these questions paint a picture of the way your life is today, please know that it doesn’t have to look this way going forward. Coaching can help you navigate your life with a sense of centeredness and confidence so that you can make the choices that fit who you are and what you REALLY want your life to be about. Let me partner with you to create a life of creativity, possibility, and connection.


The Hardest Job on Earth

Parents today are also trying to fulfill multiple roles. There are more families with two parents working than ever before, all while raising kids and running a household. At the same time, the "rules" for parenting are less clear than ever. Let them cry it out or not? Day care or no day care? Neighborhood school or charter school? Time out or no time out? It can be overwhelming. Some questions to ask yourself if you are wondering whether parent coaching might help are:

  • Are you trying to parent differently than you were parented, but are experiencing challenges?

  • Do you ever feel overwhelmed, angry, or helpless as a parent, but you don't know why?

  • Would you like to create meaningful family time in the midst of hectic schedules and electronic distractions?

  • Are you worried that your children are growing up feeling insecure about themselves (and sometimes you do too)?

  • Does it feel like you are "in the weeds" as a parent? Like there are other people "getting it right," but you don't seem to be one of them?

If you felt an emotional response, if one or more of those questions resonated with you in your heart, then let me be of service to you and your family. That emotion that you’re feeling represents your yearning to do things differently and to create the kind of close connection with your child that you know in your heart is possible.


What Color Are Your Glasses?

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Please let me know how I can help!

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